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for explosive times


November 25, 2014 by miki

Recently found some pictures taken of a baby shower craft project. At the time, I was short on cash for a gift but not on dollar store tissue paper. So I figured, well, parents-to-be need diapers. Not diapers made out of tissue paper. But how about diapers fancily wrapped up in colored tissue to look like a gift? I’d seen fine examples of diaper gift baskets and towers and cute crib-shaped diaper constructions complete with teddy bears snuggled inside. The four colors of paper available, though, seemed much better suited for making festive objects with just a small hint of violence. So off I went in that direction.




The pinata was such a hit, in fact, that it was never hit at all. Instead, it was enthusiastically ripped apart by two young shower attendees within minutes of its arrival. I admit that I was kind of miffed to see my creation disemboweled so soon into the party, but because Diaper Donkey can still be resurrected in photo form, I have not remained sad. Anyway, those kids must have been pretty disappointed by what they discovered inside.


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