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February 8, 2012 by miki

I moved. Again. And with some finality this time… well, at least for the next few years rather than the next few months. Still, it’s the closest thing we have to permanent for a while, and given the situation, I think that feels just about right.

So Matt and I spent much of last fall painting rooms and some of this winter turning the garage into a bright white space with function — mainly for parking cars, storing away Christmas, and assembling RC vehicles. As a coup for me, I get to cook in a blood red kitchen and wake up in a bedroom that is no longer gray but “Santa Barbara green” which is very close to blue and does a great job of glowing under daylight. The sun room is golden yellow (derived from paint that seemed more cantaloup-colored in the bucket), and this may be a bit predictable, but still the right shade for me to linger in and achieve work at my table.

With all the sprucing up in real life, I can’t help but look at this blog and want to spruce this space up too. Maybe it’s time for a move from here, in fact, to a more centralize place to include other thoughts and show-and-tells, and to better motivate me to make entries and to make more obvious that I work on things. Big white rooms can be left empty and colorless only for so long.


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