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Springing back.


April 7, 2009 by miki

What is it about sunny warm weather that brings about right-mindedness? Oh, sunshiny day of possibilities! I feel the freedom to move around and revel in the rootless life again. The here and now is mine all mine, and I can throw myself about in it as I choose.

Nearby the apartment.

If only feelings of being alive could be bottled and consumed on the days when it’d be entirely easier to fade away from the world. Not to forget that I’m slowly counting down the months till I have to return to whatever unpredictability awaits on the other side of the Pacific and trying to prepare for the future as best I can. But if warm temperatures be the trigger for positive thought process, there’s room for optimism… and a bit of childish wandering off.

Check out the sakura and other countryside views of the season (taken on a less warm and sunny day a week before, but still in the spirit of things):

Ye olde cherry blossom.

Down by the riverside in Misumi.

Close up of a different type of blossom (any botanists?)

Here stands, prepped on crutches, the oldest living tree in Misumi. Maybe even in Shimane prefecture.

Old folks under the old tree.

A river overgrown with yellow flowers.

Also over spring break, despite all the “satellite” launch warnings, I got to do one week of traveling in South Korea. We arrived via an overnight ferry from the city of Shimonoseki, about 3 hours drive southwest from Hamada.

The bullfighting festival in Cheongdo. The bullmasters(?) get their bulls to lock horns by stringing rope through the bull’s noses and then pulling the animals’ heads close together.

Other countryside sights in Cheongdo.

Street market eats in Daegu.

A coffee shop/spa with fish that like to eat the dead skin off your feet. It’s as ticklish as it sounds.

Having a blast with a Glock at a nearby shooting range.

Oh, the drama.

From a pizzeria devoted to women. Nothing says love like a box of pizza.

Guards stand stiff and halfway concealed at the demilitarization zone.

Dedicated to my cousin Quyen. Seems Pooh’s known to do a little unwinding in Seoul.


  1. Jeremy says:

    Those lilies in the river look totally beautiful and I have to get one of those footbaths full of fishies. Did you find Korea to be as mechanized as Japan? It’s hard to imagine another place on Earth more flashy and robotic than your current locale, but I do hear that Korea has more fire to the doorstep than anywhere else in the world.

  2. continuum says:

    they have shooting ranges in korea? I suppose that’s logical actually.

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